Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine

Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine

Support on the road to success

The Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine is the Jung Foundation for Science and Research’s medical award with the longest tradition. It was first awarded in 1976. The prize is currently valued at € 300,000.

The award is a future-oriented promotion and is awarded to enable research to progress on a demonstrably high level. For that reason, a previous foundation document refers to it as ‘provisions for the onward journey.’

It honours work in the field of human medicine which is of particularly great clinical significance and can result in new, effective approaches to treatment being implemented in practice.

The laureates of the Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine rank among the top representatives of their discipline. All of them have received other major awards over the course of their careers, including two Nobel Prizes for Medicine.

The Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine is generally awarded to two scientists each year. It ranks among Europe’s highest medical awards.


Brain drain

The Jung Foundation is actively committed to combating the ‘brain drain,’ i.e. the tendency for highly qualified people to move abroad.